Innovative Manufacturer: Coolerado Corporation

Coolerado Corporation, Denver, CO 

Leo Alvarez, Product & Marketing Manager


Briefly describe your company's products and services.

Coolerado manufactures and markets innovative air conditioning systems for commercial and industrial use. Based on our proprietary, patented and proven technology, our products use as little as 10% of the energy required by conventional cooling systems. Our products dramatically reduce customers' energy consumption, while creating a healthier environment by delivering 100% fresh air and flushing out stale air and pollutants.

What makes your company unique?
Coolerado air conditioners are equipped with our unique and patented Heat and Mass Exchanger (HMX) technology and using the Maisotsenko Cycle, are the most efficient air conditioning systems made. They provide dry, cool and healthy air, while only using about one tenth the electricity of a traditional air conditioning system.
How does your company innovate?
Using a combination of voice of the customer, research and development and our proprietary technology we bring to the market high efficiency, innovative products.

Please describe an innovative company product, service, or process.

Our Heat and Mass Exchanger (HMX) is a proprietary product. This is the heart of our air conditioning technology and is protected with several patents.

What is a recent highlight of your company's success?

The National Snow and Ice Data Center, part of NASA and located at CU Boulder, replaced their computer room air conditioner (CRAC) with 40 tons of Coolerado cooling and now enjoys savings of 90% in their cooling bill. The Coolerado air conditioner system installed inside the data center is powered with solar energy.

What separates your company from the competition?

With the most innovative AC technology on the market, Coolerado is able to save customers up to 90% on their cooling energy bill and provide 100% fresh air with no chemical refrigerants or noisy compressors. Based on Dr. Maisotsenko’s indirect evaporative M-Cycle AC technology, Coolerado products leverage the principles of staged evaporation in their heat mass exchanger. The M-Cycle uses wet and dry channels as in an indirect evaporative cooler, but with a much different geometry and airflow, creating a new thermodynamic cycle. It incrementally cools and saturates its secondary air, thus generating a progressively colder heat sink. 
How is your company advancing your industry?
Coolerado is setting high standards on energy efficiency. As the price of electricity climbs around the world, the Coolerado technology is poised to meet customers demands for energy efficiency and conservation. We also help old and new commercial and industrial buildings avoid having to spend a lot of money on adding connected load and use renewable energy to power our air conditioners.

Where do you see your company in five years?

Offering a product that is demanded across the world by all segments of the market place - from residential customers to all ranges of commercial and industrial users.

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