Innovative Manufacturer: Colorado Cold Spray

Colorado Cold Spray, Pueblo, CO

Nick Laydon, Engineering and Operations Manager


Briefly describe your company's products and services.

High Pressure Cold Spray is a material deposition process whereby solid metal particles are accelerated through a robotic and computerized system at supersonic speeds at a substrate. During the high pressure cold spray process, the surface of the substrate and the metal particles (powder) plastically deform and thereby adhere to each other. The process is capable of applying similar and dissimilar metal for use of repair (build-up) and surface layering. 

What makes your company unique?

Cold spray technology is unique in that it can apply identical, similar, or dissimilar additive material (metal powder) to a substrate without changing the material properties of the substrate. High Pressure Cold Spray has the ability to achieve repairs and material build-up without warping the part. Additionally, unlike other “thermal spray” technologies, cold spray results in minimal to no oxidation while achieving excellent material deposition densities and adhesion.    

How does your company innovate?

Cold Spray Technology was originally developed in the Soviet Union at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in the mid 1980s, and in recent years, the technology has been greatly enhanced, tested, and qualified by the United States Army Research Lab (ARL). Colorado Cold Spray innovates by qualifying formerly unthinkable repairs and material surfacing applications.  Many parts historically considered "scrap" can now be repaired in the interest of reducing lead time and improving overall cost to the customer. 

Please describe an innovative company product, service, or process.

The high pressure cold spray process has been recently introduced in the United States largely through the U.S. Army Research Lab (ARL). Colorado Cold Spray is a partner with ARL pursuant to a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement to further develop and deploy the High Pressure Cold Spray Technology. 

What is a recent highlight of your company's success?

Colorado Cold Spray's customers include both industrial and government (Department of Defense) customers. Examples of our work include repairing stainless steel parts for the food industry, and steel equipment parts have been surface hardened for a wire manufacturer. Additionally, Colorado Cold Spray is in the qualification process of repairing aluminum, magnesium, and titanium parts for a military base. 

What separates your company from the competition?

Colorado Cold Spray is one of few pioneers in high pressure cold spray technology in the United States.  Colorado Cold Spray’s close attention to quality, customer service, and low operating costs enables the business to better serve customers. Furthermore, High Pressure Cold Spray technology offers several advantages over other thermal coating systems processes (such as plasma spray, arc spraying, flame spray, and high velocity oxygen fuel) in that the metal particles (powders) are not melted during the deposition process.

How is your company advancing your industry?

Colorado Cold Spray is advancing the industry through helping customers reduce rework costs and lead-times.  Colorado Cold Spray can prototype parts for nearly any customer that has an application that may be better served by the high pressure cold spray process including the medical industry, automotive, aerospace, electronics, as well as general industrial applications. 

Where do you see your company in five years?

The pioneering presence, ability, and willingness to develop the technology for use in any industry will make Colorado Cold Spray one of the leaders in the technology for many years to come. In five years, we envision High Pressure Cold Spray will be used in applications currently not even imagined.

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